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Join the Creekside Critters Pet Sitters Team
Please complete this application if your are interested in joining our awesome team of pet sitters
Do you have a valid drivers license and can you pass a backgroud check?
As pet sitters, our schedules vary week to week and nothing is guaranteed. While it's possible to eventually make a full-time living as a pet sitter, this job is intended to provide supplemental income, and not be your primary source of income. Do you understand and agree?
Our most popular service is a 25 minute pet-sitting visit. What we do varies from client to client. Some clients may need us to scoop a litter box and brush their cat, while others may want us to walk multiple dogs or clean up poop in the back yard - our clients dictate their needs. Do you understand that this variable is part of being a pet care professional?
Do you have your own reliable trasportation?
How far are you willing to travel from your address for pet sitting gigs?
When are you available for pet-sitting gigs? (Check all that apply)

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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