Additional Services

In addition to our pet-sitting, dog-walking, and sleep-over services, we can help with pet taxi, home security checks, and lockouts. If you need additional services beyond what's listed here, please contact us.

Pet taxi

Transport to vet, groomer, or anywhere your pet needs to go.

  • Pet owners must supply a carrier if needed.

  • Creekside Critters Pet Sitters is not responsible for charges incurred by the client for boarding, grooming, veterinarian care, etc.

  • The destination must be within our service area.

  • Pet taxi is not available on holidays.


Pet taxi rates:

$30 - one way
$60 - round trip
$45 per hour to wait with your pet.

Home security checks

If you travel or on vacation and want to make it look like you're home - then this is the perfect service for you. 

We will come by and alternate blinds, curtains, lights; bring in the mail, packages, and papers; water the plants, and take the trash bins taken to the curb. 

Home Security check rates:

$20 per visit. This does not include any pet services. If you need pet related services, please check our service page for more info.

Lockout service

"Oh shucks, I locked myself out and don't have a spare key!" Most of our clients keep a spare key with us to make it easy to set up their next pet care visit. If you left a key with us and need us to come let you in, just give us a call, and we'll be there ASAP

Lockout service rates: 

$20 per trip to you.