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Tres and Lila Rose

Bird Care

Just like the furry family members, our feathered friends develop attachments to their human family – you are part of their flock. Birds have a strong sense of habit, and it’s important for a bird’s health and happiness that their daily routine is maintained. Disrupting their routine can cause stress related health issues like eating problems, molting or other preventable health issues.

Our pet sitters go through a bird first aid and care certification program and understand that every bird is different. Our team will work with you to create a daily care plan that will provide your bird(s) with a consistent level of care to help them stay happy and healthy while you are away.

Your Bird Sitter will:

  • Provide engagement and companionship

  • Clean out and refresh food bowls

  • Prepare and serve fresh food, and other dietary needs

  • Provide fresh water

  • Clean up around cages and replace cage liner

  • Feed and water outdoor wild birds if applicable

In addition, you will receive any of these services needed:

  • Bring in mail and packages

  • Take out trash and recycling bins and/or bring back in

  • Water plants

  • Alternate lights and blinds

  • Provide daily visit updates and photos


Bird sitting rates: 

$27 for a 25-minute full-service visit.

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