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Ken Botts, owner of Creekside Critters Pet Sitters, earns CPPS designation

Pet Sitters International (PSI), the world’s leading educational association for professional pet sitters, has announced that Ken Botts, owner of Creekside Sitters Pet Sitters in Fort Worth, Texas, has earned the designation of CPPS-Certified Professional Pet Sitter®.

To earn this prestigious designation, a professional pet sitter must successfully pass the Certified Professional Pet Sitter® (CPPS®) Exam, agree to adhere to PSI’s Recommended Quality Standards for Excellence and agree to abide by PSI’s Member Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Successfully passing the CPPS® Exam indicates that an individual has demonstrated the knowledge necessary to make vital assessments on pet health and nutrition, canine and feline behavior, separation anxiety, pet loss and more. A CPPS® is also equipped, as a business owner, to make decisions on, disaster planning and safety.

According to Casey Parker, PSI’s Educational Content and Certification Manager, certification is earned after successfully passing a comprehensive exam that was designed to rigorously test pet sitters on the knowledge and skill required to excel in the field of professional pet sitting. PSI’s CPPS® Exam is the industry’s first knowledge-based assessment created specifically for professional pet sitters. For more information about the CPPS® designation, visit

“A Certified Professional Pet Sitter brings valuable knowledge to the care of companion animals,” Parker said. “A pet owner who relies on a CPPS® will receive top-quality pet care. The exam also assures that a pet sitter is highly capable of making accurate judgments and quick decisions in an emergency.”

Botts' commitment to his business and clients led him to pursue this certification.

“As a pet sitter, I value continuing education that allows me to offer reliable service to the pets entrusted to my care,” Botts said. “Earning the designation of CPPS-Certified Professional Pet Sitter® demonstrates that I am an animal steward committed to delivering excellent service.”


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