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Best Dog Park in Fort Worth - ZBonz

There are many great dog parks in Fort Worth but one of my favorites is ZBonz dog park just off Camp Bowie on the West side of town in Z Boaz park North.

ZBonz is a ten acre, fully-irrigated park built on the former Z. Boaz Golf Course. ZBonz has separate sections for large and small dogs, sized at seven acres and three acres respectively. It's also equipped with two shelters, various agility items, pet fountains and two aerated ponds — perfect for pups of all sizes and dispositions.

In my opinion, what makes this ZBonz dog park the best in Fort Worth is the size, the activities, the hours, and the cleanliness. ZBonz is huge with plenty of space for dogs run, jump and play. The park is closed every Monday for scheduled maintenance and will sometimes be closed after a rainy day. Regular hours are 5:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m.

For more information and directions to ZBonz dog park, please visit the parks website.

If you have a favorite dog park, please let us know in the comments below-we love to highlight great places for dogs and their humans to play.

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