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5 ways cats show you they love you

My wife Saundra and I love cats! As a matter of fact, we are blessed with three amazing orange tabbies. We love them and we know they love us just as much, if not more than we love them, and they like to show it. But they show their love and give affection in ways that are different than how humans show love. In the cat universe, there are many ways cats express their affection, including these 5 ways.

Purring - One of the most common ways a cat shows its love and happiness is through purring. Cats have this wonderful little motor inside of them that gets started when they are relaxed, happy, or enjoying something. You’ll most often hear their motor running (purring) while you are petting your cat.

Bunting - If you have had cats in your life for a while, then you have experienced the joy of Bunting, Bunting is when a cat rubs their face on you or head-butts you. Bunting is a way for your cat to "mark" you with his scent, Cats do this when they love someone or something and tend to do this with their favorite human, another animal, or object in the house.

Gifting Prey - Every night when we go to bed, our oldest cat, Jacob, finds his favorite "mousy" (yarn ball), meows during the capture and brings it to our bed as a gift. There are many reasons cats gift their favorite toy (or real prey) to their humans. Some experts say it's your cats' way of training you to hunt while others say it's their way of showing love by sharing their prize catch with you.

Talking (Meowing) - Cats very seldom meow at other cats. Sometimes, kittens will meow to their moms but that's something they grow out of. Cats use these meows (vocalizations) to communicate with their humans, and they typically "talk" to the humans they love the most. The next time your cat is talking to you, pick him up and return the love with a cuddle and a kiss.

Licking- Cats spend an inordinate amount of time grooming themselves and other cats in the house. When they turn their tounges to their human companions, they're marking you with their scent and showing you that you're an important part of their family group.

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